PERMISSION LEVEL NEEDED: You can only do the following edits if you are a Manager role or higher. If you are a Managee or Observer, you will not see the gear icon on the Meetings page.

Customize each team's meeting agenda for the different types of meetings. Visit Meetings and then click on the settings icon in the upper right portion of the screen.

Customization Options

  • Rearrange each section - just use the drag and drop on the left of each item.
  • Rename each section - click on the title to change the text
  • Hide the EOS® Default sections - use the toggle to the right. You cannot hide the Conclude area because that has the ratings and send recap email options.
  • Create new sections - Click Add Section and customize the title. Click on the section to add details to the right.
  • Change the time frame - Click on the number to adjust the minutes of each section.

The changes made are for each Team and Meeting Type.

Updated Agendas will be the NEW DEFAULT for the team and type selected - but can be reset to the EOS® default as needed. 

This is very frequently used for a Same Page Meeting. To start running more meetings in Ninety start creating teams and inviting users.

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