Your team may run their meetings in the middle or end of the week, in which case you may wish to track measurables outside of the standard work week layout. 

Adjusting this changes the start day for the full company for all measurables (because measurables can live on multiple teams, different teams cannot have different start days).

To Update the Scorecard Start Day on the Scorecard:

  1. Visit the Data Page

  2. Click on the gear icon in the top right orange bar, and control the start day from there!

After updating, click Close and you will see the dates update to reflect the day of the week you have selected. This will affect all historical data as well.

To Update the Scorecard Start Day in Settings:

  1. Visit Settings (in the bottom-left corner of the left navigation menu)

  2. Select Configuration (4th Tab in Settings)

  3. In the right column, select a new Scorecard & Measurable Weekly Start Day

The day chosen will affect ALL weekly measurables on ALL teams. 

Once changed in settings, the changes save automatically, so once selected, visit the Data page to see the update!

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