When creating your company, three Scorecard options are by default off, but can be turned on in settings. Those are:

Average, Total & 3 Week Color Indicator

To turn on/off each of these visit the Settings button on the Data page:

OR visit Settings > Configuration:

Both options are available in each location.

Scorecard & Measurable Status Color Indicator

Toggling this on will show you red, yellow and green coloring next to the owner of the measurable. This coloring will be a reflection of the past 3 weeks of data entered into the measurable.
Rules to the coloring can be found in the ? icon next to the owner title.

Scorecard & Measurable Average and Totals Column

Toggling this on will activate the columns shown above. These will calculate based on the number of weeks selected on the Scorecard view. 

For each of these settings, when turned on or off, they affect every team in the account.

The one setting that is specific to the team is Show Current Week.

When toggling "Show Current Week for X Team" on, it allows you to see today's date in view of the Scorecard.

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