On each team, there are a couple of Scorecard Settings that are by default off, but can be turned on in Company Configuration Settings or on the Data page Settings.

To find the settings, visit the Data page and click on the gear icon in the top right:

1.Scorecard & Measurable Status Color Indicator

Toggling this on will show you red, yellow and green coloring next to the owner of the measurable. This coloring will be a reflection of the past 3 weeks of data entered into the measurable.
Rules to the coloring can be found in the ? icon next to the owner title.

Turning this on/off will do so for all teams in the account.

2. Scorecard & Measurable Average and Totals Column

Toggling this on will activate the columns shown above. These will calculate based on the number of weeks selected on the Scorecard view. 

Turning this on/off will do so for all teams in the account.

3. Show Current Week

When toggling "Hide Current Week for X Team" on, it allows you to hide today's date in view of the Scorecard. This might be helpful if you run your meetings on Monday mornings, so you want to see last week's data rather than the current week which would be blank.

Toggle on/off for Weekly, Monthly, Quarterly and Annual individually.

Turning this on/off will be unique for each team.

4. Line Breaks on the Scorecard

On the Scorecard, you can also choose to separate measurables into specific groups. This is done by adding a simple line in between measurables and often done to separate measurables from specific departments, owners or any other categorizations to break up the info.

To add a line break, hover to the left of the measurable, and put your mouse on the bottom line. You will see two lines appear + the mouse turn into a pointer, and when you click, it allows you to add a new line, or remove the existing there!

When dragging and dropping measurables, the line break will stay in the same position, rather than be stuck to the measurable itself.

Looking to learn more about updating the day of the week the Scorecard starts on? Learn more here.

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