As a business running on EOS®, your managers and managees hold two types of conversations, Quarterly and Annual. 

The Quarterly Conversation is an informal*, face-to-face conversation. Our intention is that you fill out these forms separately, then either print or export them to a PDF to view together.

*Learn about running "formal' Quarterly Conversations here.

An Annual Review is a formal, documented HR conversation, so you can run a meeting comparing these responses within Ninety after each party fills out the forms. 


Quarterly Conversations

The Quarterly Conversation is simply a one-hour, one-on-one meeting with a manager and direct report every 90 days. It's an opportunity for you to share what's working and what's not. It's not a performance review; it's just a conversation.

Ninety gives you the ability to prepare thoughts for this conversation through filling out forms and then bringing these notes to your meeting. 

In Ninety, the steps for your Quarterly are:

  1. Create the Quarterly Conversation 

  2. Fill out the Forms to prepare for the convo. Once each party submits their forms on their own, they can see each other's responses.

  3. Print your Forms to PDF (or view them in the software).

  4. Bring your responses (PDF or laptop/tablet/phone) to your in-person conversation!

Typically each party reviews themselves and the other party with two forms (completed in step 2 above)

  1. The Managee Assessment is what the Direct Report is reviewed on and contains the People Analyzer™ and their Rocks. 

  2. Managers are reviewed on a Leadership and Management Assessment.

Once you complete these forms, they serve as a guideline for the conversation.

Annual Reviews

Managers and Direct Reports can use the same format as the Quarterly Conversation to hold a more formal, documented conversation called the Annual Review. These typically take place once a year but can be used any time you want to have a more formal conversation.

Ninety gives you the ability to document your thoughts for this meeting and then run the meeting using the software. 

In Ninety, the steps to complete a Formal Conversation are:

  1. Create the Annual Review

  2. Fill out the Forms to prepare for the convo. Once each party submits their forms on their own, they can see each other's responses.

  3. Run the meeting, done within Ninety.

The Annual Review has the same Manager and Managee Assessments but allows for additional questions to be added to the Managee Assessment. The three default additional sections are: Strengths and Accomplishments, Improvement Areas, Plan to Get on Track.

Once each party completes the forms (step 2), you can run the Annual Review using Ninety so that a record of how the employee is doing remains in the archive for reference (step 3).


Role Permissions:

Based on your role, you will see specific content on these pages. 

  • Owner, Admin & Implementer: can see all conversations in their company.

  • Manager & managee: can see all conversations they are a part of. 

  • Observer: does not see the Feedback Tool.

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