How to Create a New Quarterly or Annual Discussion
Create new Discussions for Quarterlies and Annuals.
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Click here for a comprehensive look into 1-on-1 Meetings: Quarterly and Annual Discussions.

Terms that appear with an asterisk (*) are configurable and may differ from your Ninety. Explore our glossary of terms.

Creating a Discussion

It is important to remember that anyone can create a Discussion* between two people. This means that assistants, HR professionals, meeting facilitators, and others can quickly set up a Discussion* meeting between any Ninety users in the company.

How to create a new Discussion

  1. Navigate to the 1-on-1* tool.

  2. Click either Quarterly Discussion* or Annual Discussion*.


  4. Click Settings to change any functionality of the Discussion*.

  5. Title the Discussion.

  6. Add a description.

  7. Add a date range for Rocks*, To-Dos*, and KPIs*.

  8. Choose a Due Date for participants to complete the forms and have a meeting.

  9. Identify the Manager* for the meeting.

    1. Initially, the Manager* spot defaults to the user creating the Discussion*.

  10. Determine the Direct Report/Team Member* for the meeting.

    1. If this user has multiple roles, select only one Seat for this Discussion*.

  11. Click Create Discussion*.

    Tip: Creating a Quarterly Discussion* is the same process as the Annual Discussion*.

How to determine which meeting to use

Both Discussion* types are set up the same. We encourage organizations to have discussions quarterly, and they should use the Quarterly Discussion* feature. Reserve the Annual Discussion* type for evaluations that pull data from a full year.

Next, prepare the forms and run the meeting.

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