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Create a Quarterly Discussion

Start by creating a new Quarterly Discussion*.

Prepare the Forms

After creating the Discussion*, a Pencil icon appears on the right of the screen with the text "Start Form" or "Edit Form".

Note: only the participants listed on the review can complete the form.

  • Select the Prepare Form button to get started. The first section assesses the Team Member on the company's Core Values, their Roles in the Responsibilities chart*, and their performance on Rocks*, To-Dos*, and KPIs* from each of their teams.

  • Next, the Manager is assessed. Ninety uses the Lead, Agree, & Coach* assessment for Managers.

  • The Team Member will assess their own performance and then their Manager's. The Manager will review their performance and then the Team Member's.

Complete the Forms

While completing the form, users can click SAVE & EXIT to save progress at any time.

After completing the forms, click SUBMIT. The other Discussion* member will see that the form is complete. Even after completing, selecting the pencil icon allows responses to be edited.

After completing the form, users can click the PDF icon to export and print responses.

The Details section will show both parties' responses after submission.

Remember: Owners* or Admins* in the account can see all Discussions*, while Managers* and Team Members* will only see Discussions* that they have completed.

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