If you do not see the conversation you need to prepare, first create the new Quarterly Conversation

To learn what Quarterly Conversations are, read this article. Here we will discuss:

  1. How to Prepare your Quarterly Conversation Forms
  2. Export your Responses
  3. Hold your Quarterly Conversation

Video Overview of Preparing Quarterly Conversations

Below you can see a break down of the items discussed in the video. Interested in the annual review? Details here

Prepare your Forms

After a conversation has been created, a pencil icon should appear to the right. Note: you will only be able to prepare forms for a conversation you are a member of.

Click on the Prepare Form button to get started. The first section is to assess the Managee on the Company Core Values, the Roles for the assigned Accountability Chart Seat, and Rocks. Note: If you are the Managee, you are reviewing yourself.

Next you will move on to the Manager Assessment, reviewing on the Leadership and Management fields provided.

Complete the Forms

Once you have completed the form and are ready for your Quarterly, press SUBMIT. This will indicate to the other party via the status that you are finished filling out the forms.

(Seen in the details section of a conversation).

If you are not able to complete the form in a single session, simply SAVE & EXIT in order to save your progress.

You will only see the answers you submit in the details section, and in the PDF. Once you have completed the form you can still go back to edit using the pencil icon. 

Having the Quarterly Conversation

Since a Quarterly is an informal face-to-face conversation, you will not hold this meeting in the software

Use the PDF icon on the conversation to export your responses. You each need to export your own responses. Bring this to the meeting with your Manager/Managee, and when the conversation is complete simply check it off as completed.

Once each party completes their form for the conversation, both parties responses are visible side by side in the details section.

REMEMBER: As an Owner or Admin in the account, you will be able to see all meetings, but if you are a Manager or Managee, you will only see the conversations that you are a part of.

Interested in Running a Formal Conversation in the Software? 

If your meeting needs to be documented and run within Ninety, use the Annual Review option! Details here

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