Once you add a headline, you can view it in a meeting, AND Cascade it. If you are looking for details on cascading messages - go here.

Add a Headline:

First, use the CREATE button in the top right corner to add a headline. You can add a headline to multiple teams.

Headline will be the default option for CREATE when on the meetings page.

Viewing Headlines:

Headlines created by team members will appear in the first on the Level 10 Meeting page.

When starting a meeting, both Headlines and Cascaded Messages will appear in the Headlines section of your meeting. 

When they are checked (marked done), they will be archived (and saved) to that meeting.

Headlines NOT marked as done will remain on the list for the following week.

Turn a Headline into a Cascading Message!

Use the more actions button to make it an Issue, To-do or Cascading Message. 

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