Cascading messages are meant to be items that you wish to tell other teams about in your Ninety account. A team will create a cascading message, decide which teams to send it to, and write a custom cascading message for them.

Creating a Cascading Message

To create the Cascading Message:

  1. Use More Actions button, Cascade option on a Rock, To-do, Issue, or Headline OR 

  2. Click CREATE to create a cascading message.

Selecting Cascade allows you to choose the other team(s) you would like to send this item to.

When an item is cascaded, it is immediately sent to the other team. Items cascaded during a meeting are re-capped on the Conclude page of the meeting.

What does the Other Team See?

Anything cascaded will show up in the other team's Level 10 Meeting page AND Headlines section within a meeting in a section titled "Cascaded Messages". They will see the title and description you type, along with the team it was cascaded from.

Archive your Cascading Message

When a Headline or Cascaded Message is checked (marked done) during the meeting, it will be archived (or saved) to that meeting.

Looking to email your Cascading Messages to other team members in your Directory? We are adding this functionality later this year!

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