Editing Core Processes

Default Core Processes are automatically added. Learn how to edit the details and assign rankings and owners.

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Terms that appear with an asterisk (*) are configurable and may differ from your Ninety. Explore our glossary of terms.

Core Processes

In this article, we cover editing and adding Core Processes*. Learn more about the individual Steps* and Sub-steps that make up a Core Process* in Ninety.

What is a Core Process?

A Core Process* is a documented process used by a primary department of an organization (for example, Marketing, Finance, or Operations).

Creating a team or department Process* is a critical step toward Getting Smart Stuff Done. Accountability, efficiency, and transparency improve when everyone is on board with a documented process. They can show a step-by-step guide for completing everyday tasks at the organization.

Edit a Core Process

Select the View Details icon in the top right of each tile to edit a Core Process. Whoever owns the Process* is also responsible for determining if the Process* is documented, followed by all, and effective.

Tip: The details edited to the right save automatically.

  • Documented: Processes* are clearly laid out in a place (like Ninety) where they can be accessed by team members so that everyone knows what to expect.

  • Followed by all: The Process* and steps are being executed by all team members.

  • Effective: The Process* drives positive results (understood through the attached KPIs).

KPIs and attachments

KPIs* (measurables) created for the Scorecard can be added to any process.

Any file type can be attached to Core Processes*. So feel free to attach videos, diagrams, or whatever the team needs. Keep in mind all users can see the Process* page. There are no permissions around documents, so anyone can download and view these items.

Send a Link to a Tile

Send a direct link to the Process* so that teammates can go directly to an item being discussed.

Add a Core Process or Step

Select the plus (+) sign to the right of the last Core Process* or Step to add additional tiles. 

Rearrange Processes

Rearrange the Core Processes* with the left and right arrows in the app.

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