In this article we will cover editing and adding Core Processes. Interested in the Steps and Sub Steps below them? Check out this article.

Edit a Core Process

Editing a Core Process can be done through the edit icon in the top right of each tile. The details edited to the right will save automatically with changes. 

Documented, Followed By All, Effective

Select yes or no for each of these items. Whoever owns the process should own if these 3 are completed. You can select yes if:

  • Documented: Your processes are clearly laid out in a place (like Ninety) where they can be accessed by team members so that everyone knows what to expect.

  • Followed By All: The process and steps are being executed by ALL team members.

  • Effective: The process is driving positive results (understood through the attached measurables). You can track if all steps are being preformed or the ideal outcome of the steps.

Measurables & Attachments

Measurables that have been created for your Scorecard can be added to any Process! Think about what measurables you should connect to tell you if your process is being effective.

Any file type can be attached to Core Processes. So attach videos, diagrams, or whatever your team needs. Keep in mind, all users can see the Process page. There are no permissions around documents, so anyone will be able to download and view these items.

Have a process you are communicating about? Send a direct link to the Process so your teammates can go directly to the item you are discussing.

Add a Core Process or Step

The orange + sign to the right of the last Core Process or Step allows you to add additional tiles. 

Rearrange the Core Processes with the left and right arrows, and do the same for Steps and Sub Steps.

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