When building your Rock, you want to be as detailed as possible so that expectations are clear for you to accomplish by the end of the quarter. To do that, we recommend you make your Rocks SMART and add Milestones. 

What is a milestone? Milestones break down your Rocks into smaller pieces with actionable due dates that can be delegated to others.


To add Milestones, you first need to turn that on in Settings > Configuration.

With that active, you can visit each Rock and add your Milestones. Click on the + next to Milestone to assign to a person, give it a title, description and due date.

Below shows you how to edit an already created Milestone.

Turn them into To-do's

Once created, your Milestones will automatically become To-do's 7 days before they are due if they are not already done.

You can also turn them into To-do's at any point by clicking on the to-do icon.
*To-do's created out of Milestones are connected.* Meaning, if you check off a To-do as done, it will automatically complete the Milestone (and vise versa).


When creating your Rocks, you should also make them SMART. You can copy and paste the questions below into your Rock to answer there.

Specific - What specifically will you achieve?
Measurable - How will I measure completion?
Achievable - Is it achievable by me or my team now? List who.
Relevant - How relevant is it to our vision, our goals?
Timely - What are key dates and what is the final date? 

Timely will most likely be answered in your milestones section, but good to notate that or put additional details there.

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