The following instructions will help set up and send CURRENT and PAST information to be uploaded into a new or existing account. This is available for: Rocks, To-do's, Issues, and Measurables. (You can submit your VTO and Accountability Chart in any format).

If you would like us to load information:

  1. Set up the excel sheets according to the templates.
  2. Email the templates AND names/emails of team members to invite.
  3. Invite to your account as an admin. If your account is not created yet, skip this step, we will do that for you.

We should be able to have it uploaded in less than 72 hours! Details of these 3 steps are below:

1. Data Set Up

Linked here is the excel template. Download the google doc and enter data into the appropriate tab(s).

  • Multiple teams? Create a tab for each teams info and label the tab accordingly. (Example: Leadership: To-dos & Marketing: To-dos)
  • Be sure each team member you have assigned an item to is INVITED and on the team we are uploading.
  • Required information has a red header.
  • Entering an archived date will automatically put that item in the archives.
  • The ID field on issues is simply to number each one.  
  • If you wish to put your measurable on multiple Scorecards, only add it to the upload once and then when it is in the system put it on other Scorecards

2. Email the Templates

Send the completed sheets to or via the online chat, and include the team you would like the content uploaded for (if there are multiple). We will verify the data to ask any clarifying questions. Please include a list of users to invite if you have not invited them.

3. Invite to your Account

With the completed information, now we just need permission to enter the data. Invite as a user to your account with the role of Admin. We will remove this user when we are done!

Reach out via chat with questions!

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