To transition your existing Level 10 Meetings, V/TO™ and/or Accountability Chart into Ninety is easy.

First, send us your documents. 

Are you using Traction Tools? Visit your Meeting Management in the system, and use the Export all. That's all we need!

Second, make sure we have access.

Don't have an account? We create it for you when you send us the content. That means you can skip this step.
If you already have an account, invite to your account as an admin. This gives us permission to upload the info.

Third (and final), tell us who to invite!

Please provide names and emails of each person so we can add them to your Accountability Chart, PLUS let us know if they should be an active user (meaning they can be assigned content and are a paid user). 

Note: Let us know if any active users should not be sent an invite email right away.

Don't forget to tell us when your next meeting is so we can have the content ready! This process typically takes 2-3 days once all information above has been received.

For immediate answers to questions, reach out via our chat!

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