When concluding a Level 10 Meeting™, Quarterly or Annual, you will be asked to rate that meeting with a score of 1-10. EOS does not specify how to rate a meeting to get “10” – just that each individual should rate the meeting out loud to their peers, subjectively.

But what should you be subjectively rating it on? We suggest asking your EOS Implementer™ about how your team should rate meetings, and here are some additional resources to get the conversation started.

Grow Exceptional writes an article that shows 5 Criteria with an associated value to help you pin point a score.

  • Did we come to the meeting prepared, and did we follow the agenda?

  • Was the team engaged (was everyone heard)?

  • Were we open and hones?

  • Did we solve a real issue forever?

  • Do we have clarity on next steps (to-dos created)?

If each of those having a score of 0-2 can get you to a 10 rating and help you clarify where the team should improve.

(Not suggesting you should do this every meeting, but it may be a good exercise for practice. Remember, ask your Implementer what may work for your specific team!)

Struggling to rate? EOS Worldwide also has some questions to consider and tips for improvement in this article "How do your Meetings Rate".

A lot of EOS teaching often suggests creating a score threshold for your team, and encouraging a team member to share why they rated the meeting a certain score when below the threshold.

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