On the Directory you can:

  1. Add a person's name to your directory (free of charge to see them on the Accountability Chart). Managee or above role needed to perform this action.
  2. Invite a person to the account (so they can be assigned content), making them a paid user. Manager & above role needed to perform this action.

Details on each option below. Not sure what role to give an invited user? See details on the user roles here.

1. Add a Person

Go to the Directory and click on the Add Person icon in the upper-right corner. 

Fill out at least the First Name & Last Name. Email and phone are optional.

Once added, you can:

  • Add that person's name to the Accountability Chart
  • Click on their name on the directory to add details or a profile image.

Clicking add will NOT email the person an invitation and WILL NOT allow you to assign them any Rocks, To-dos, Issues or Conversations. To have these options, go through Step 2.

2. Invite Person to be a User

An invited user can get assigned content in the account. To invite someone:

  • Toggle on Activate as New User when adding a person's name to the directory.
  • If they have already been added to the directory list, click Invite next to their name after they have been added to the directory list.

Both options shown below. The first being inviting someone from the add user button and the second inviting them after already added to the directory list.

In either case of Invite or ReInvite:

  • verify the email
  • assign to team(s) - (this list is from the teams on Settings)
  • select their role
  • Optionally, you do not have to send them the email invite right away. This allows you to assign them content in the account and get everything set up, and only send them the email invite when you are ready.

Have the new team member check their email for the link to activate their account. (Email from helpful@ninety.io)


  • If you need to change a users' team or role after they have been invited, use the drop-downs next to their name on the directory page.
  • If it does not say Invite or ReInvite, that means that person is already an active user.
  • Users that are NOT invited are not put on a team or given a role because they are not active in the account.

Once you have people added or users invited add them to your Accountability Chart!

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