First things first, learn about the difference between a Quarterly Conversation and Annual Review.

Below, we will help you understand some best practices for completing your review, explaining the different sections, what / how to complete them, and what the other party will view.

Completing a your Review:

On the Feedback page, use the Pencil Icon on your review to begin filling out your Feedback forms. You will not be able to see the other parties responses until you FINISH the forms.


  • When preparing the forms, block at least 15 minutes on your calendar so you can think through your responses, adding detailed descriptions to each prompt.

  • If interrupted, use SAVE & EXIT to save progress.

  • Use FINISH to complete the review. Once you FINISH the review, you will not be able to change your responses.

The Meeting: Formal Quarterly Conversation & Annual Reviews

Once both parties have completed their forms, a meeting icon will appear on the conversation. This will allow you to run the meeting together.

TIP: Do this in person, or via Zoom with video and screenshare. Seeing the other person is important here, and talking through the responses can be helpful for gaining additional understanding.

If running a normal Quarterly Conversation, you will not see the other person's responses, and will not run a feedback meeting in the system. You will discuss your responses outside of the software.

Learn more about the differences between a Quarterly Conversations and Annual Reviews here.

Remember, it's all private.

Only the two people in the conversation will be able to see responses, with the exception of the Owner or Admin role in the account.

Get more details and watch videos on each conversation:

Preparing & Running a Quarterly Conversation

Preparing & Running the Annual Review

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