In this article, we will help you understand some best practices for completing your review, explaining the different sections, what / how to complete them, and what the other party will view.

Quarterly vs. Annual

When completing a review, there are not many differences between the two review types:

  • Custom Questions: The Quarterly Conversation does NOT have any custom questions but the Annual Review can.
  • Review Meeting: Quarterly Conversation does not have a meeting that gets scheduled after, but for the Annual Review, once each parties forms are complete, you will join a meeting with the other party to review responses together.

Learn more about the differences between a Quarterly Conversations and Annual Reviews here.

What to expect when you are invited:

If you receive an email that you have been added to a Quarterly or Annual Review, you are either the manager or managee in that conversation.

  • In either case, you can visit the Feedback page, and see a pencil icon to first fill out the form. In the form you will see who is the manager and direct report, and be able to fill out the information accordingly.
  • Once you have started the form, you can press SAVE & EXIT to save progress made, or FINISH in order to let the other party know your form is completed. FINISH means you will not be able to edit responses any more.
  • After each party has pressed FINISH, you will be able to see the other parties responses.
  • Only the two people in the conversation will be able to see responses, with the exception of the Owner or Admin role in the account.
  • When it is time to have the conversation with the other party, in the Quarterly Conversation there is no in software action to take. You can simply chat about what you see on screen or print the responses to PDF. For the Annual Review you can run a feedback meeting in the system.

Get more details on each conversation:

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