First, navigate to DATA

Here there are two tabs, weekly and monthly. In each there are two options for building your scorecard:

  1. Create a NEW measurable
  2. Add an existing measurable

This is only available to users with the role of Manager or above.

Both options will allow you to put measurables on your scorecard are described below.

1. Create a New Measurable on the Scorecard

Click the plus sign next to Weekly and select Create Measurable. Add the required measurable details: Title, Unit, Goal, Goal Orientation Rule, and Interval.

You also have the option to assign an owner, and put the measurable on an Accountability Chart seat. Neither of those options are required.

2. Add an existing measurable to the Scorecard

Click the plus sign and select Add Measurable. This option is for you to add a measurable that already exists in your account to the Scorecard.

This option is often used when a company has a single measurable they wish to view on multiple Scorecards.

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