To start a Meeting, navigate to Meetings, and click Start Meeting.

Choose a team and the click BEGIN.

When you have entered the meeting, you will notice a timer to keep you on track in the upper-left corner of your screen. The back, pause, and forward buttons are located immediately below to help you navigate.

To navigate to the next section you can also click directly on the section name.

As you visit the different sections, you will have the same capabilities as you do within each of the functions individual apps.

For example: within Rock Review you can filter, edit, search, mark as an issue, archive and more during the meeting. All of your information saves automatically just like when you are editing/adding Rocks in your account normally.

Quick Tip: During the meeting, you can right click on Measurables, Rocks, To-dos, and Headlines in order to copy the information into an Issue and discuss in IDS™!

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Suspending a Meeting

If you need to exit a meeting before it is completed, just click the SUSPEND button. 

This will send you back to the Meetings page and allow you to navigate to other pages in your account. When you are ready to re-enter your meeting, just click CONTINUE CURRENT MEETING and it will take you right back to where you left off. DISCONTINUE will delete your meeting.

Concluding your Meeting

The CONCLUDE section will show a recap of all of the To-Do's on your list, and have NEW next to any that were created during that meeting.

Under Ratings, input what each person rates the meeting (1-10) or mark them as absent. Then just press SAVE & EXIT! Need help rating the meeting? Check out our info on "How to rate a Level 10".

If you do not see all the people you expected to see under the Ratings section, be sure you added your people as users or that you assigned those users to the right team.

Review your Past Meetings

Click on any meeting on your list to see a breakdown of the personal ratings given and duration during each section of your meeting.

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