Creating Rock/To-do/Issue

When using the Create button to add a Rock, To-Do or Issue, click on the icon next to the title to reassign to a person on your team. 

Don't see who you are looking for on the list? Then they are not on the team yet. Visit Settings to assign them to the team or invite them to be a user.

Re-Assigning a Rock/To-do/Issue

Rocks/To-do'/Issues all have the owner's initials or profile image (if a picture has been uploaded) to the far right of the item and in the top right of the details section. In order to re-assign to a new user, click on the item, then select the person icon at the top right of the details area.

Changing the Team

To edit the team that a Rock/To-do/Issue appears on, click on the item, then in the right details box you will see the "Teams" drop down where you can select a new team.

Changing the team will remove it from the current page immediately and onto the new team.

To-Do's: Duplicate for Multiple People

When creating a new to-do, there is the option to duplicate that to-do across multiple people. Simply check off each person's name that you would like to assign the to-do to. This will put the to-do on each person's to-do list. 

NOTE: You can only assign to multiple people when a to-do is NEWLY created - not an existing to-do.

Add a Rock to Multiple Teams:

You can also add your Rocks to any team that you are on. Meaning you could have a Leadership Team Rock, and decide it should also be visible on Marketing and Operations!

It works like this:

  • Select the Rock

  • Click the Add to Other Teams dropdown

  • Select as many teams as you need! Note: You will only be able to select teams you are on.

Be ready for your next Meeting by Adding Issues and Creating Rocks!

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