The universal CREATE button is located in the upper right-hand corner so that you can easily add new content from anywhere.

Start by clicking on the CREATE button.

When the pop-up appears, you can use the dropdown to select the type of item you would like to create: a Rock, To-Do, Issue, Headline, or Cascading Message.

The CREATE button will default to creating an Issue unless you are on the Rocks, To-dos, or Level 10 Meetings page.

If you need to copy and paste details from another item or browse around to look at something else before finalizing, you can do this without losing what you have input so far by minimizing or condensing the create pop-up (or just click the page behind it).

Click the expand or maximize icons to return to editing.

The icon next to the title allows you to assign the content to other team members, and each item also has the team listed, so you can choose which team the item should be connected to.

Once you have selected the type of item you would like to create, selected the owner, and input the details, click SAVE.

Add a Rock to Multiple Teams:

You can also add your Rocks to any team that you are on. Meaning you could have a Leadership Team Rock, and decide it should also be visible on Marketing and Operations!

It works like this:

  • Select the Rock

  • Click the Add to Other Teams dropdown

  • Select as many teams as you need! Note: You will only be able to select teams you are on.

With your Issues, Rocks, To-Dos, and Headlines added you're ready to start your first Meeting!

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