To set roles for each user, navigate to Settings. 

Use the Roles drop-down to select one of the different options. 

Here is a basic overview of each role, and find more details regarding each below!

  • Owner & Admin - See and edit everything.
  • Manager - See and edit ONLY the teams they are on.
  • Managee - See and edit ONLY the teams they are on plus no Accountability Chart or V/TO™ editing. 
  • Observer - View only of the teams they are on.

Permissions for each role are listed below.


By default, the person that creates the company is the owner of the company account.

The owner sees information for EVERY team even if they are not a member of that team. If they are not an active member of the team, they will not show up as a potential owner of any items (Rocks, to-do's, issues, etc).

They will see billing information and receive billing notifications.

Restrictions: none


Same user permissions as the owner. 

Restrictions: Cannot delete a company account. 


They can only access and edit information for teams they are a member of. They have access to Settings, so they can create new teams and users.

In Settings: Cannot access billing. Cannot change the role or teams of themselves, Owners, Admins and other Managers.


They can only access and edit information for the team(s) they are a part of.  They cannot perform any administrative tasks.

Restrictions: Cannot edit the V/TO™, the Accountability Chart and cannot access settings. 


View only access to their selected team(s).

Restrictions: Cannot edit anything and cannot access settings.

*Observer is the only role that IS NOT counted towards your total number of users during Billing. They will appear as "Free Users" in your account. Every other user will be counted for Billing when their invitation is sent.

Ready to start assigning people to these roles? Invite users to your account now!

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