Welcome to Ninety! We want to help you get up and running as a great member of your team within Ninety.

How do I get started with Ninety?

The video outlines some key things you should do to participate on your team:

  • Manage your Rocks, To-Do’s and Milestones - mark them as done or comment as you complete work (ideally before your team’s Level 10 Meeting).

  • Enter scores for the Measurables you own (also before the meeting).

  • Add Issues and Headlines as you think of them during the week.

Read more about meetings here.

Questions to ask your Manager:

Customizing your Profile:

Want an overview of all the different tools and how they work?

Christine has a collection of videos that cover each of our tools in-depth.

How can I talk to someone?

The best place to start is by attending our Weekly Webinar - here, a Ninety expert will explain how the tools work. It’s also an excellent forum for your questions. Feel free to invite the whole team.

For immediate support, reach out to our Client Success team by clicking this orange button on the bottom right of Ninety. They aren’t bots (at least, not during regular business hours). They are living people who care. Not going to lie; they’re some of the best in the business.

How do I learn more about Ninety?

We’ve got two more avenues to guide you to becoming a Ninety.io Ninja - the product updates page and our blog.

  • It won’t take long for you to realize that we’re constantly pushing out new updates and features. Follow our product updates page, where we don’t just list the updates but provide info on how to use them.

  • The Ninety.io blog combines all the above, plus much more. You’ll find a stream of information on our philosophy, ways to utilize Ninety.io better, and articles that we find interesting.

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