Joining Beta

Ninety's Beta program is open for any company to join and gives you access to the most recent features to test in Ninety. When joining Beta, it is for your entire company, not individual users. Please do not join if you would not like all users in your company to participate.

The Ninety Product Team will email all users or push messaging in-app when there are new features that are released for beta testing.

To join, simply chat with our Client Success Team and you can be immediately added and also removed any time per your request.

Current Features In Beta


We have a variety of items ready for you to test in Zapier! We are asking for users familiar with Zapier already to test the following Actions and Triggers:

  • Action: Create Issue

  • Action: Create Headline

  • Trigger: New Todo by Team

  • Trigger: New Todo by User

  • Action: Add/subtract value to my score of a given measurable for the current week.

  • Action: Update Score of a Given Measurable

  • Action: Search Measurable

Gain access by visiting Zapier.

Dashboard Reporting

Dash is a new tool being built to allow users to develop reporting based on the information added into Ninety. Details on how to turn on DASH plus links to more how-to resources are located here.

Scorecard Trailing 4 & 13 Weeks

See your weekly metrics on a monthly and quarterly basis. Trailing 4 and 13 Weeks Tab (T4W & T13W) is visible next to the Weekly Tab on the Data page. When you first enter, the page will be blank, but you can quickly add measurables individually or from the entire Scorecard by using the + next to Trailing 4 Weeks and Trailing 13 Weeks.

Here you will see a real-time calculation of your weekly metrics - both the Goals and the Scores are calculated based on your Weekly entries. It is pulling an aggregate of the weekly data, and you can choose if it should be the total or average of the last four weeks.

The first column in Trailing 4 Weeks will start with the week you see on the Weekly Scorecard - meaning, if you have the current week visible, that is where it will start.

The default calculation of both the Scores and the Goals will be total. If you would like to change that, click on the Measurable and change it to Average under T4W & T13W Goal Calculation in the details section of the measurable. This change will apply to both the four-week and 13-week sections.

The choice between Average or Total depends on each measurable you are tracking. For example, a percentage-based Measurable would use the Average rather than the Total for the calculation.

All of these functions work the same way for Trailing 13 Weeks! Each column combines thirteen weeks to give you an idea of how you are performing quarter-over-quarter.

Learn more about Trailing 4 & 13 Weeks.

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