Welcome to Ninety! We've got a collection of resources here that will help you along the path to starting your company up within Ninety.

Where are some good places to start?

  1. Christine has a collection of videos that cover each of our tools in-depth.

  2. Our Client Success team offers a variety of webinars where you can ask questions and learn with other users.

  3. You can also schedule a Discovery Call with a Ninety expert. You’ll get a tour of Ninety and be able to ask any outstanding questions.

I’ve got some questions. Who can I ask?

The best place to start is scheduling a Discovery Call where you’ll have one-on-one time with one of our Client Success team experts. They’ll give you an overview of the tools and answer any questions you might have.

Soon we’ll ask to schedule the Kickoff Call, which we’ll use to cover more advanced use cases. It’s ideal for inviting your entire team - it’s another excellent forum to get your questions answered.

For immediate support, reach out to our Client Success team by clicking this orange button on the bottom right of Ninety. They aren’t bots (at least, not during regular business hours). They are living people who care. Not going to lie; they’re some of the best in the business.

How do I learn more about Ninety.io?

We’ve got two more avenues to guide you to becoming a Ninety master - the product updates page and our blog.

It won’t take long for you to realize that we’re constantly pushing out new updates and features. Follow our product updates page to be on the cutting edge of those updates. It’s powerful because we don’t just list the updates but provide info on using them.

The Ninety blog combines all the information from above, plus much more. You’ll find a stream of information on our philosophy, ways to utilize Ninety better, and articles that we find interesting.

I want to invite my team, what kind of training will they receive?

We want to get your team up to speed quickly, so we provide them with resources in a format similar to this very article. The resources we mention include:

  1. The New User Guide gives recommendations for folks joining a team already running in Ninety.

  2. The Video Training page - it’s genuinely a great way to understand how to use each tool.

  3. We also invite them to our Weekly Webinar series, where a Ninety expert covers the basics of Ninety.

If you need some help inviting your team, check out this help article which walks you through the process. We’ve also got a recording of a webinar dedicated to the topic of onboarding.

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