In settings, your teams can be one of three things.

1. SLT = Senior Leadership Team

You must have at least one team selected as your SLT. Your account will, by default, create a SLT (Senior Leadership Team). This is your "Leadership Team" when the account is created.
The SLT is the only team able to edit the Core Values, Purpose/Cause/Passion, Niche and 10-Year Target™ for the V/TO™. Those fields are set by the SLT and cascade down throughout the other teams. 

2. Project Team

You can add as many Projects into Ninety as you like. A project will have the same functionalities as a normal team, but they will not have a V/TO™.

3. Normal Team 

Creating additional teams without selecting SLT or Project will allow you to have additional teams that have the same functionality as the SLT in Ninety (with the exception of not being able to edit Core Values, Purpose/Cause/Passion, Niche and 10-Year Target™).

Now start creating and assigning your teams!

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