Inviting a user to Ninety means you will be able to assign them Rocks/To-do's and Issues. They will have their own unique log in and go towards your billing.

To Invite a User:

  1. Visit the Directory page. 
  2. Click the Add Person Icon. 
  3. Enter their Contact Info toggle on "Activate as New User".
  4. Assign to team(s).
  5. Assign a Role.

*You can decide if you would like to send the invite email or right away, or wait and send it later. Either way the user will go towards your monthly billing.

The invite email goes to the user from It will include their own unique login link for them to create a password and sign up.

You will immediately be able to put them on your Accountability Chart and start assigning them content! 

Resending the Invite:

The invite sent through the above process is valid 14 days. If they do not accept the invite in that time, they will need it to be resent. 

  • To resend, click on the ReInvite button next to the users name. Verify their email and send. 
  • Once this is sent, they will get a new email with a new link to join Ninety. 
  • If there is no ReInvite button, that means the user is already active and just needs to login (

Reach out to the Client Success team through the live chat in the bottom right-hand corner of the page!

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