Labels are used throughout the apps to filter Activity, manage your database, create Alarms and export Reports.

A few example use cases for labels include:

  • Department labels: HR, Sales, Marketing, Finance.

  • Job type labels: Brick Layer, Project manager, Site Manager.

  • Employment type labels: Staff, Contractor, Delivery.

  • Shift/Team labels: Morning/Afternoon, Monday Shifts/Wednesday Shift.

You can create unlimited labels. An identity can have one or multiple labels assigned.

Labels can be assigned different colours creating a visual representation throughout the apps. There are 8 label colours to choose from.

Labels and their respective colours are used throughout the Nirovision applications:

  • in all three views of Activity (Check-ins, Events and Identities Seen), available as filters that can be used individually or in combination with others, to narrow down your data.

  • in the Events graph, easily find activity from a specific group of people.

  • illustrating every Matched event in the Events list, alongside the identity name and cover image.

  • in the identities tab, to filter your identity database, and bulk apply/remove.

  • to create inclusive or exclusive Label alarms.

Labels also play an important role in Doorkeeper:

  • Labels can be automatically applied to an identity when the self-enrolment flow has been enabled.

  • Based on the answers given in the surveys, a new identity will be automatically created with the label selected based on the answer applied to the identity.

Learn how to create, edit and delete Labels using the 🖥️ Web app

Learn how to create, edit and delete Labels using the📱 Mobile apps

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