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Hosts will be notified when a guest checks-in to see them.
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Hosts are Identities in Nirovision that receive email notifications when a guest checks in to see them.

Hosts are defined through the use of labels: all Identities with that label will be listed as available hosts. Learn about labels here.

  • Hosts need to be Identities in Nirovision first, in order to be nominated as such. Hosts should also have an email address in their profile, as host notifications are emailed-based.

  • Host selection includes an "I don't know" option that notifies the Site Admin.

  • Hosts are defined as part of Access Rules.

    • Different groups of people can have different host options.

    • One or multiple labels can be nominated as hosts.

  1. On the Nirovision Web App πŸ–₯️, navigate to Settings > Location (select the desired location from the drop-down) and look for the Access Rules tab.

  2. In the Access Rules tab, look for the group that you would like to enable hosts for and click Edit.

  3. A popup will appear, scroll all the way down to Host and click on the + button.

  4. Select which label you would like to define as the Host. All identities will that label will be displayed in the Host selection screen of check-ins.

  5. Save when ready. The defined Host label(s) should appear in the access rule.

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