Locating your SAM Broadcaster Cloud Streaming URL


1. Log in to the Cloud at http://samcloud.spacial.com

2. Select the Streaming tab from the left (also available from under the Settings tab)

3. Click the Headphones icon to the right of the stream

4. Select your 'Preferred Stream' if you have more than one Spacial stream

5. Select TuneIn compatible streaming URL

6. Copy this link into the App Setup page at NobexPartners.com/appsettings.aspx 

7. Remove the 's' from https so you have http://...


Locating your Cheapest Stream URL


The listen link for Cheapest Stream is under the ‘Stations tab’ within your user zone at http://userzone.spacial.com


Locating your Spacialnet URL

The listen link for SpacialNet can be found by logging into yourSpacialNet user zone, selecting the ‘edit’ option to the right of the stream and you will find the listen link


If you still can’t locate your streaming URL, please raise a ticket with Spacial through https://support.spacial.com  

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