You can now upload the content you want, whenever you want!
Available for all Starter and Pro plan accounts.

Upload your recorded shows and podcasts easily through the Nobex Partners portal.

View Reports
Including the number of times an item was listened to, total bandwidth and storage are now an integral part of the portal.

Sub-categorize your content into Shows, that can appear in different locations in the application.

Create any number of RSS feeds – for your whole collection, for a given show, and in any other way you want to group them – so that you can distribute multiple feeds to other applications and players.

How to Get Started

  1. Head over to the On Demand tab
  2. Click Start Adding Items
  3. Upload

Manage Shows
Create Show lists by clicking the "Manage Shows" button at the top right

  • After adding an on demand item, you'll see a PLUS icon on the item which allows you to add the item to a list. You can create a new Show, or assign an item to a Show.
  • You can manage the Shows by clicking on the top right corner on "Manage Shows". Then you pick a Show, and edit its details. You can upload a thumb image, give it a description, adding it to a category and much more. 
  • One of the important uses for Shows is the RSS Feeds provided for them. You can use them for whatever platform or web API you want. Another great use is adding tiles of on demand content. When you add the source of the RSS feed you can just choose the "Nobex collection" and enter the list name you used to assign the content. Then it'll lead you to content categorized by a list name through the tiles.

You can remove Shows in the future if you need to:
Click Manage Shows:

Select the Show list you want to remove and click Remove Listing

About the Plans
Included storage of 10GB (about 200 hours of content). Included monthly bandwidth of 50GB (about 1,000 hours of listening). Contact us if you need higher storage or bandwidth. Please contact

Finding your RSS Feed

  1. Go to the On Demand tab and click the RSS feed link at the top right.
  2. A new tab will open, copy the URL from this page
  3. Go to the App Setup tab and select App Settings > Feed Settings
  4. Paste the RSS feed into the Podcast field.

If you want to use one of your Lists simply add “&list=LISTNAME” to the end of the RSS feed URL. 

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