For those of you wondering what push notifications are, it is a message that pops up on the home or lock screen of a mobile device. It doesn't require the user to be in the app or using their device at the time it arrives. A push message looks much like an SMS text message and reach users who have installed your app on their device and granted permission to send push notifications.

In a typical broadcast you can only reach listeners who are currently tuned in and listening to you. The power of push notifications is being able to connect with listeners who are not tuned in and encouraging them to launch the app and rejoin your broadcast.

 Above: A station introduced push in late March saw a dramatic increase in streaming minutes

 Above: Each point represents a push message and the spike of usage after it is sent.


Schedule push messages to keep your listeners engaged, have your DJs and hosts send them in realtime, keep listeners coming back all the time.

There are some best practices to consider when sending push notifications

  1. Push Messages are Not Email: Messages should be brief and concise. Keep in mind most users will see them flick across the top of their screen and may or may not read past the first line. Usually 50 characters max!

  2. Timing: Since push messages are delivered instantly (or immediately as scheduled) be aware of your timing. A few minutes before the start of a new show, or before a hot new track comes up in your program.

  3. Language: Encourage an action, create a sense of immediacy to get the best reactions.

A Tour of the Push Service Tab in Your Dashboard

Send Now

This section triggers a push message immediately to all your listeners. Great for DJs and hosts to use during a broadcast to announce a new track about to drop for the first time, or to get tuned in because a new contest will start.

Schedule A Message

This section will trigger a message at your scheduled time in the future. Plan regular messages to keep listeners engaged, even when you're not in front of the computer. Great for when you know you're going to a booth at a big event, or if your community cruiser is going to be out on the town.

Send Specific Content

These push messages will automatically open the app to specific content from your On Demand account or connected YouTube account. Is your host talking about a hilarious YouTube video your station just posted, help link your listeners to that content right away.

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