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Some Nobex Partners apps are ad supported and our Partner Stations and Podcasters are eligible to participate in our Revenue Share Program

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Some Nobex Partners apps are ad supported and generate revenues that are shared between Nobex and the station or podcaster who manages the app. 

For full details about how the Revenue Share program works please see sections 4, 5 & 6 of the Nobex Partners agreement. 

The apps display custom pre-roll, banner and cover-flow visual ads and will integrate new advertising mechanisms over time. 

Revenue Sharing
Net Revenues will be distributed on the basis of 50% to Nobex and 50% to the Partner Station/Podcaster. The station's share is based on parameters such as usage by end users, numbers of ads requested, etc., and the value is reported in the Reports section of the Dashboard. We make no guarantee that any Net Revenues will be earned nor that You will be eligible to receive any revenue share payments. There will be no revenue share to your station if the monthly Net Revenues allocated to your station is below twenty (20) US Dollars.

Reporting and Payment
We update the Revenue Report at the beginning of each month with the previous month's revenue data. When the balance for an app reaches $100 USD we will contact you for the necessary information to transfer these funds to you via PayPal. Any unclaimed, transferable balance remaining at the end of a calendar year, will not be carried over to the following year. 

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