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Pro Plan Reports and Analytics
Pro Plan Reports and Analytics

Now you've gone Pro - Let's learn more about your playlist

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On the Pro Plan you get much more than Downloads, Streaming Sessions and Streaming Minutes reports. We go deeper into the analysis of what listeners are actually doing in your app and what they think of your playlist.

Let's learn more:

Playlist Analysis

Your Playlist Analysis helps you learn more about how your audience is reacting to the tracks you play. We collect information about how many listeners are gained or lost during a track and how often that track is played to help you understand the specific trend of that song in your playlist.

Each of the dots on the chart represents a track in your playlist. Green dots are tunes that are engaging your listeners, blue dots are neutral and red dots are cause for concern, they are turning off your listeners.

Click on a dot to reveal more information. You can see at a glance the number of listeners gained or lost and the number of time the track has been played. Scroll down to the next chart on your page and see the specific song trend.

Compare a relatively good response to a turn off song:

And this one that's starting to take off:

It's helpful to see if you should keep playing something or pull it out of rotation for a while (or altogether). 


For a bigger snapshot of the overall performance of tracks you can have a look at your station's custom charts. Including Top Cranked Up Songs, Top Songs Listened To, Top Songs Engaged With, Turn Off Songs.

Top Cranked Up Songs - these are the top 10 songs each week that had listeners turning up the volume, a sure sign they are loving that track!  

Top Songs Listened To - these are the top 10 songs each week that had the most listeners throughout their airplay.

Top Songs Engaged With - these are the top 10 songs each week that listeners gave a Like to.

Turn Off Songs - these are the top 10 songs each week that has listeners tapping "Dislike" or turning off the stream.

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