Welcome to Nobex Partners Business Advertisements! On Pro Plan you now have the opportunity to provide custom advertising within your app.
These ads will appear as full page interstitial ads when a user initiates the stream. This is a great chance for your sales team to market to local sponsorship opportunities. These ads are dynamic and trackable so you'll be able to see the results of your campaigns daily. Try building a house ad for your own station to get used to the system. Get your 300x300 logo and link to your station's website, for example. Have some fun!

Creating the Ad

Step 1: Get your station started by going the Ads tab in your Partner Dashboard.

Click Upload your first Ad 

Step 2: Choose an image file to upload. We recommend 300x300 pixels

Step 3: Ad Content

  • advertiser's name

  • message of the ad. Please keep the message brief, keeping in mind that users will view it at a glance

  • advertiser's Phone Number - this is the number the ad will dial if users click the Call icon

  • advertiser's location - this is the address that will be used when users click the Directions icon, the app will launch their default navigation app

  • Click URL - where users will land when they click the Website icon. If there is a coupon offer, we suggest that you provide a specific landing page.

Step 4: Campaign details

  • Select a start and end date for the campaign.

  • Choose a daily budget based on $10/CPM (or $0.01/impression)

Your ad will not exceed this budget and will stop displaying if the maximum is reached. 

Head over to the Reports tab to view the statistics on each campaign under the Business Advertisements section.
Reports include metrics for Impressions, Clicks, Call, Website, or Directions. 

How Billing Works:

We recommend you sell this advertising at a cost of at least $10.00/CPM to your local sponsor opportunities. You set a daily budget for each of your ad campaigns to restrict your ad to appear a maximum number of times without going over your budget.

This is currently a Beta feature and we have not enabled billing for it. When this feature is fully live it will be added to your monthly bill as Usage-based billing. You will only be billed for the number of impressions your ad received.

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