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How to Build an App with Nobex Partners
How to Build an App with Nobex Partners

Walk through how to build an app with Nobex Partners

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When you first arrive at you will need to decide if you are building a Station app or a Podcast app. 

STEP 1: Station App

  • Add your station information. TIP: If your station has an AM or FM frequency you can include it here. If your station is online only, toggle the Broadcasting Type to "Online". TIP: Station names must be 30 characters or less.

  • Add your stream URL and click "Check Stream". TIP: See what kind of streams we can use here.

  • Add your station Logo. TIP: See what makes a good station logo here.

STEP 2: App Colour

Select the Theme Color for your app. Either use the color wheel selector, enter a color hash, or click on your station's logo to select a color from it for an exact match.

STEP 3: Social Feeds

  • Add your station's social feeds including Facebook, Twitter, YouTube, Instagram etc. 

  • You'll sign into your various accounts to provide safe access to the Nobex Partners site

This is an optional step. You can always add your feeds later. Just click Complete Later. But don't forget to add your feeds in the Dashboard later, the tiles on your app's homepage are a big driver for user engagement.

STEP 4: Build Your Demo App

Here is where the fun begins! Click to build a demo of your station app. You'll get an email with a link to download and test out your app.

STEP 5: Agreement

After you've tested your demo app and are happy with everything you can complete the Legal Agreement. TIP: The person accepting the agreement should be able to grant us permission to publish the station content. Ex. Owner/CEO/President. TIP: Please note that you will require your own developer account in order to publish the apps. We'll walk you through setting these up.

STEP 6: Plans

Choose the plan and payment that best suits your station's needs. 

STEP 7: Subscription

Complete payment for your subscription.

STEP 8: Developer Accounts

You'll need to create a description of your app for the store listings when your app is published with Google Play and Apple. You can create your own or get ideas from one of our templates. The description is your sales pitch to a potential listener. Tell them why they should download your app - tell them why are they going to love it!

Next, click the link to learn more about setting up your own developer accounts with Google Play and Apple. When you're all set, and have added our team to these accounts, check the boxes below to request submission to each store. 

Provide the requested details and click Next to complete the process. 

STEP 9: Finish

Yay!! Our team will review your app, request any necessary changes to make sure it's looking and performing its very best and then we'll take care of completing the submission to the stores for you. 

STEP 1: Podcast App

Click Get Your Own Podcast App.

Add your podcast RSS feed URL.

STEP 2: Podcast App

TIP: App names must be 30 characters or less.

STEP 3: Podcast App

Add your podcast's social feeds. This is an optional step, you can always add your social feeds later. 

STEP 4: Podcast App

Update your app's homepage tiles. Select to show items from your podcast, or social feed posts, or mix and match! This is an optional step and can be completed later, if you prefer.

STEP 5: Podcast App

The next step will save your customizations and begin to build your test version. Check your email inbox shortly for Testing Instructions.

Hurray! You're done!

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