Question: Now I have this fabulous new custom app, how do I let the world know about it?!

Answer: I'm glad you asked!

There are lots of ways to share the great news about your app, and here are just a few:

  • You can announce it on air. Have your DJs plug the app between tracks, make an ad to roll during breaks

  • Have a website, then share the download links front and center! Visit the Website Widgets tab to get the buttons. Let everyone who visits your site know there are lots of ways they can listen to your station and that you have a beauty of an app for them to take your station along anywhere.

  • You can tweet it, post it, shout about it! If you have a Twitter, Facebook or Instagram account, let all your listeners know they can get the app for their various devices and post those links you find on the Promotion tab.

  • If you publish a newsletter, or have an email mailing list, send out an announcement!

If you don't have a Twitter , Facebook, or Instagram account: Get one! It's free and a great way to promote your station! 

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