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How to Set Up Your Program Schedule
How to Set Up Your Program Schedule

List shows and start time and start your app sending push notification reminders to listeners just before showtime!

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To get started head over to the Schedule Tab on your Partner Dashboard. Be sure to select the appropriate station from the drop down menu at the top of your screen.

1. Choose your Time Zone

2. Add your shows.
Name, description Date and start and finish time. Don't forget to choose a great image to represent the show. 

NOTE: when adding times, they are 24hr format.

NOTE: If you have a show that runs through the night you will need two entries. One for the night when it starts right up until 23:59 and one for the following day from 00:00 until the time the show finishes. 

3. If your show occurs on more than one day simply duplicate it and set a new day.

4. Decide if you're going to notify all users of upcoming shows, or users who have specifically "Liked" the program (Users can Like the program while it's airing). Then add a short statement that will be the body of the message sent. Eg. Tune in now The Best Show is about to start!

5. Create a Message to send before the show. Keep it short a sweet under 50 characters is best. Push notifications will not send if the message field is blank.

6. Don't forget to SAVE! Click SAVE and switch the Schedule On with the toggle at the top of the screen. This will enable the feature in your app.

6. IF you make updates to the schedule, they will take about 30 minutes to reflect in the app.

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