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How do I publish my app now that I've tested it?

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Question: How do I publish my app now that it's built?

Answer: We're glad you're so excited about your app that you just want to tell the whole world! So let's get started...

Once you have received your test version from us and tested it out and you're happy with how it looks and works return to and log in then click the banner to return to the Setup Pages > Steps 5-8.

There are a few details we need you to fill out before we can publish your app:

  • Nobex Partners Agreement: You'll need to read and accept the Nobex Partners agreement. This must have the name and job title of an individual from your station with the authority to grant us permission to publish the app

  • Select your Plan option: Basic $25/month, Plus $45/month, Pro $90/month

  • Store Description: We need a brief description of your station, what music you play, top hosts, shows etc. There are templates to help guide you through what features to highlight

  • Developer Account Details: You can choose to publish to Apple's App Store and/or Google Play. You will need to create a developer account for each store and provide the details

When our submissions team has reviewed and approved your app, we will add it to the queue to be published to your developer accounts. 

And that's it! Your app will be usually be published within 10-15 business days and ready for your listeners to download and enjoy!

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