How to Use: Reports

What do the reports mean? How can I find stats on my app?

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How many people are listening? How long are they staying? Is my app generating Revenues?

One of the great things about your new app is knowing a lot more about your listeners. Once you have logged in to your Partner Dashboard, click the Reports tab. You'll see all sorts of fabulous graphs! Ooh I love a good graph! 

Activity: Learn about how many times your app has been downloaded, how many streaming sessions each day, and how many streaming minutes. All these details are also available as a spreadsheet by clicking the Download button below each graph.

3 Month Records of:

Streaming Sessions: how many times users have connected to your app daily
Streaming Sessions Per Hour of Day: what time of day these sessions are happening, find out which of your shows are most popular your 8am commuter show or your 12pm workday rock out?
Streaming Minutes: how many minutes were streamed over your app throughout the day
Streaming Minutes Per Hour of Day: again, looking for peak times when streaming is happening

All time Records of:

Download of the Station App: how many times your app has been downloaded
Registrations by Device Type: how many downloads on each platform.

Some plans include in-app advertisements and stations can be eligible to participate in our Revenue Share program. When you click on the Revenues section of the Reports tab you'll see all the details of your app's performance including monthly ad revenues, Business Advertisements (in-house ads) fees, and a running balance. Remember when your balance reaches $100 USD we will contact you to arrange a transfer.

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