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How to Customize Your Home Page
How to Customize Your Home Page
How to change the tiles on your app's Home Page
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Nobex Partners apps keep all your station's social activity and content in one place. It's easy to add your feeds and to show them off on the app home page. We call these Tiles. 

Add your social feeds following this guide.

Get started with your Tiles:

  1. Go to the App Setup Tab under the App Settings section.

  2. Choose Tile Settings

  3. Click the "+" and select your tile type. You need to have to corresponding feed added, so if you want to display an Instagram tile, make sure to add an Instagram feed.

  4. Set up tiles in full rows for the best appearance in the app. You can display 3 to a row, 2 to a row, or single tiles.

If you select multiple tiles for the same feed, each one will show a different post from that account; going from most recent to least recent.

NOTE: Please do not create Donation tiles for your application. This is against store policy with both Apple and Google Play.

When you want to freshen things up, you can move the tiles around by just dragging and dropping them where you want.

If you want to delete a tile, simply hover over the tile you want to remove and select the X

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