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What XML format can be used for the Playlist?
What XML format can be used for the Playlist?

I want to use XML to create my playlist, what format do you need?

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Question: What if I want to supply an XML file for the playlist information what do you need from me?

Answer: If you play obscure, independent or generally rare music - it can be tricky for us to get your playlist the correct album art. In this case, an XML file is a great way to go. You will simply send us the URL for your XML and we will use the details published there to create your playlist.

Some formatting tips:

  • The XML should specify a URL to the album as an additional element

  • The specific names of the elements can be whatever you want

  • Ideally album art should be at least 300x300

In general these formats work:


  <artist>Joni Mitchell</artist>
  <song>Both Sides Now</song>

    <artistName>Joni Mitchell</artistName>
    <songName>Both Sides Now</songName>
    <AlbumCover></AlbumCover>  </track>

Contact to send her your XML file link.

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