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My app doesn't show up when I search Google Play

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Question: I am searching for my live app in Google Play but it doesn't look like it's showing up in the results.

Answer: Google Play filters search results by a few factors. The first is that the results in some way contain what you entered in the search box. The second is by popularity and downloads. So even if your app is part of the search results, as long as it has fewer downloads and top rated reviews, it will ranked lower than the results. This is particularly tricky when your app is brand new and hasn't yet been downloaded by all of your fans or reviewed. One of the best ways to improve this is to offer a direct link to the store listing on your website. This link is provided for you in your Partner Dashboard under the Promotion Tab.

Or if your listeners are looking in the Google Play store they can search your app name in quotations. This signals to the search engine to return results only for exact matches. 

For example:
A search for DDM Radio yields hundreds of results

Search "DDM Radio" yields 3 results

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