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What Stream Formats Work with Nobex Partners Apps?
What Stream Formats Work with Nobex Partners Apps?

MP3, AAC, learn what streams work with Nobex Partners Apps

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You may be wondering if you've got what it takes to build a Nobex Partners app. Of course you do!

We are able to work with many different stream types and formats. We support multiple streams per station. Our apps will use the most appropriate stream per platform.

Audio Stream Types Supported by Nobex
There are three things which make up an audio stream type:

  1. Audio to digital encoding (eg., MPEG a.k.a. MP3, AAC, WMA)

  2. Contain format (eg., FLV, ASF)

  3. Transport mechanism (eg., HTTP, HTTPS, ICY HTTP, WMSP, HLS). ***To ensure that your app's playlist performs at its best, we recommend using HTTPS

Digital Encoding
Nobex apps on all platforms support the popular MPEG and AAC encodings. Some platforms also support WMA.

Container Formats
Sometimes the digital encoding is wrapped in a container format. MPEG and AAC are sometimes wrapped in the FLV format, which we only support on BBOS devices. WMA is usually wrapped in the ASF format, which is supported on some platforms.

Transport Mechanism
Standard HTTP is the recommended transport mechanism as it is supported on all platforms. Shoutcast servers use a variant of HTTP (referred to as ICY HTTP in the table below). This mechanism is occasionally not supported by some carriers as certain proxy servers block this. Another variant of the HTTP protocol is Windows Media HTTP Streaming Protocol (WMSP) used by Microsoft Media servers. Most WMA/ASF streams are delivered via this protocol. This is currently not supported on BlackBerry 10 nor on iPhone. Finally, the HTTP Live Streaming (HLS) protocol is only supported on BlackBerry 10 and iPhone. The following table summarizes what is supported on each platform:

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