Question: How do you build my app's excellent playlist?

Answer: We can build a playlist for your app when there is metadata in your station's stream. In order to collect this metadata our system "listens" to your station. You might see this appear as our hosting company - and wonder who is listening in 24hrs a day?! But it's us making sure your listeners always know what track you're playing or what the last ten tracks were that you played.

Please for the sake of your playlist, the happiness of your listeners and the zen-like heart rate we like to keep DO NOT blacklist/block/report the following IPs:


The result is that your playlist disappears and it sends alarm bells ringing for us, well, not literally. But we don't like to see any interruption in your service, so we scramble to figure out what's going on. This can all be avoided by knowing to look out for us "listening" in!


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