How to Test Your New App

Install, try out, check - have fun!

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Question: I got the email, I downloaded the app on my what do I do?
​Answer: There are a few things to look for when you're trying out your new app. So once you've stopped jumping up and down with excitement that it plays your stream when you launch it, here's what you can look for:

  1. Are you happy with the logo? Is it cropped strangely? Is it blurry or pixelated? Is it your most current logo? (Learn about what makes a good logo)

  2. Are you happy with the app color scheme? Do you love the color, and feel like it works with your logo?

  3. Is your playlist present? If you have metadata in your stream, we should be pulling a playlist and displaying album art work.

  4. Did you link any social media account? Make sure these are displaying in the Activity tab and on any tiles you setup. Remember, you'll need to extend access every 60 days to keep these feeds refreshing with your most recent posts.

These basic tests will make sure your app is looking and working the way you want. If there are some updates to be made, have a look at the Update tutorials here in the Education Center.
OK - Now it's perfect, so login and click the friendly purple banner at the bottom of your Dashboard and complete the steps in the Setup Wizard > Accept the Partner Agreement > Select your plan > provide access to your developer accounts. Then our team will take over and complete the publishing process. You'll receive notifications as your app goes live in each of your stores.

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