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Website Widgets

Get cool Nobex Partners widgets for your website!

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Let's make it easy to connect your website and your app. Visit the Website Widgets tab and download custom HTML snippets to add items like a Playlist or Download buttons directly to your website.

You're just a few steps from having your own cool widgets:

  1. Choose the type of widget you want to create

  2. Customize if needed

  3. Copy the HTML code and paste onto your website

Adding Forms Website Widgets

Once you have created a form on the Forms tab, you'll be able to add those forms to your website as well. Please note, if you have not created a form on the Forms tab, no forms will appear when you go to create a Website Widget version. 

Updating your Widgets

Once you've got your widget published on your widget to your site, if you want to make a change, like updating the colour scheme, you can make those changes easily.

  1. Visit the Website Widget tab and select the widget you want to update

  2. Select your new colour specifications

  3. Copy the code

  4. Paste into the section on your website and republish your website

  5. You're done!

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