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How to Transfer Apps
How to Transfer Apps

Need to transfer your app to another user account? Here's how

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Sometimes you need to transfer your app to another user account within Nobex Partners. Maybe you just need someone else to have access to the app as well, or maybe you've sold your station and need to transfer to the new owner. There are two solutions for this:

  1. You can add another user as an Administrator on the application under the Users Tab in the Partner Dashboard. They will be able to login and manage everything from their own account. Please note this feature is available on both the Plus and Pro level accounts.

  2. You can request a transfer. The request must come from the original account that the app was created on, either by email or the on-site messaging. You will need to provide the new email address for the account we are transferring to. We will have to confirm with the second party that they are receiving the app in their account and then we're all set!


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