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Can I change the Template design?
Can I change the Template design?

Find out how you can easily change your template design directly from the editor.

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You first choose a template for your resume when signing up for the resume builder. The template you choose will be applied in the resume builder the first time you log in.

You can always change the template applied to your resume by clicking on the "Switch Template" button on the left menu in the resume builder. Your written content will not change when you switch templates, but the flow of the content may be different (E.g.: content that used to fit on one page might flow onto a second page as each template has different dimensions/sizes/graphical elements)

Click on the Switch Templates option in the left menu to reveal the design options.

The 8 templates are:

  • Functional – Clean, professional look suited to all industries

  • Modern – Versatile format with sleek design elements

  • Simple – Suited to conservative industries to send the message that you mean business

  • Creative – Good choice when applying with an energetic, creative company

  • Basic – Easy to personalize and can be completed in under ten minutes

  • Professional – Your go-to-choice when you want to emphasize both skills and experience

  • College – Modern take on the academic resume format

  • Executive – Another template suited to more conservative industries like finance or consulting

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