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Can I add hyperlinks to my documents?
Can I add hyperlinks to my documents?

Add hyperlinks in your content or contact section in order to showcase your past works, certificates, etc.

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Hyperlinks can be firstly added in the Contact section, where you can showcase relevant Social Media or a link to your website/portfolio/blog, as it can be seen in the following print-screen:

After adding the relevant links, press Save and they will be saved as hyperlinks in the contact section of your document.

Inside the content it is possible to add links in 2 ways:

1) Hyperlink icon

In the sections/lines where this is possible the hyperlink option will be active under the top menu, and you will need to follow the next steps to add the link:

2) Hyperlinks on keywords inside the content

Firstly you will need to select the keywords you need a hyperlink on and if that is possible the hyperlink icon under the top menu will be activated:

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